Cable trays are used for distribution in industrial objects, road infrastructure, air and rail transport, as well as electrical transmission and telecommunications; all of these require adaptable and safe wiring installations. We manufacture trays 50 to 600 mm in width and 50 to 60 mm in height. With a wide variety of surface treatments, we fulfil all environmental standards. The trays can be fabricated out of galvanised sheet, hot-dip galvanised sheet and stainless steel sheet, or they can be powder-coated.


A wide selection of various bends, couplers and other accessories facilitates the simple installation of cable trays in floor plans of any complexity. All the fittings are made of galvanised sheet; on request, we can also fabricate them out of hot-dip galvanised or stainless steel sheet or with a powder coat finish.


Cable tray installations in the many different types of building necessitate a wide variety of support struts, brackets and hangers. The support struts and brackets are typically galvanised; for use in objects exposed to especially demanding ambient conditions, the hardware can also be made of hot-dip galvanised or stainless steel sheet.


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